February 24, 2005



Intelligent404 is plug-in for apache web server. It captures query string when client types a wrong URL. When capture has been completed, script then tries to guess where user intended to go and if successful match has been found, user gets redirected there.


Provide friendlier experience for users who might incorrectly type URL. Instead of displaying 404 error page, server tries to guess where user has attempted to go.

The script has been installed on a couple of web servers. To illustrate its capabilities I will use ngycp.org. Below are examples of user trying to find contact details and the state of Florida local website.

1. http://www.ngycp.org/somepage.asp/index.php/defaultpage/tryingTOfind/contact

2. http://www.ngycp.org/hello/i/am/looking.html/4/FLORIDA/page/index.html

Try it yourself!