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iPhone Headphone Adapter Cable

Wear whatever you want

Fabo, ykwim?

Old habits do die hard

Garland theme

*sigh* yet another [if IE 8] fork

Inserting/pushing drupal node behind the scene

My iPhone is now with 2.0 firmware

Calendar sync on OSX

Casio EX-Z1080GY

Summer 2008 trip trail

iPhone Headphone Adapter Cable finally broke

iPhone adapter breaks again

Whatever gave you the idea you were in heaven?

Brainwashing ie6 to use min-width

New Theme

Testing Nextel mobile broadband

iPhone cable continuation

Good-bye Subaru, hello Subaru

Carputer diagram

Driving cross country

Cross country mode

Driving aids

iPhone broken, I think

Hubcaps, a thing of the past? Maybe not.

Putting alt="" attribute to work

Carlsberg Beer

Trip to invisible gates of Area 51

Fixed my iPhone

[if gte IE 8] or [if IE 8.000]?


Another pleasant surprise about my car


Car gets debadged

Battle between Subaru and its enthusiasts

*+html (StarHtmlHack)

Many upgrades this weekend

A bit of relief

Front bumper underspoiler

Big Subaru update

Craigslist is good!

K&N Filter

Tyre related updates

Conspiracy Theory

Username is not available — says Gmail — but neither is it taken!

12,079 mi — new K&N Air Filter

Почти обычная Subaru STi — не прибавить не отбавить

New parts are finally painted

New bumper cover and STi spoiler

Black Friday

Winter driving

Winter 2008 Northern Maine trip trail

До свидания, две тысячи восьмой год!

Time flies

Быстро и познавательно об OpenID

Mac OS X: Trying to disable EASY PAY on

/etc/hosts weekend

How to look at HTML Source Code of a website rendered on iPhone?

Hudson,NH store uses Dunkin Donuts colour scheme

Thank Heaven for Microsoft!

wrxtear memories

Goodbye iPhone, hello Android

Tuning your voice mail

Do not forget display:table-cell

Free Google Docs invoice template

Access Port and carbon fibre shift knob

War on IE6 is on!

DIY cell phone car mount

Summer tyre package

Spring 2009 East Coast trip trail

Engine cutting off

Nascar: car #24 runs ChalleNGe logo on the hood and rear panels of the car in Atlanta

SourceForge is using my killie6 plug-in

AIM contact list gone

Cool useless coincidence

STS-119 Discovery launch


Downloading essential F1 content from torrent over mobile broadband

Atlas 5 launch

Battery dead

Things rusting and falling apart

Google free invoice is still free

My gaming desktop won't start with G1 plugged in


Web applications

National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program logo on Dan Wheldon's car!

Got my Google business cards

Spammers getting sophisticated

Carputer, fist post

Mobile broadband thoughts

What to do with carputer?

Travel map

Sway bar fixed — lasts an hour; alignment mystery solved, too, temporarily.

Insignificance of '08 OEM WRX Spoiler

Car is at bodyshop

Got my first normal bicycle today

Don't want to satisfy IE8? Don't have to

NH inspection

Formula 1

New parts on the way

COBB bad rear sway bar update

Netbook is sold!


The car is officially stage 2

Summer 2009 Northern Maine trip trail

My mobile office is for sale

Finally proper sway bar is on

Strange whining sound coming from engine compartment on target boost

Meant to watch live

The Great Game

Air intake leakage fixed!

Unlocking T-Mobile Android G1 — Part I

Unlocking T-Mobile Android G1 — Part II

Unlocking T-Mobile Android G1 — Part III

Getting new tyres

Where do all the hours go?

Voy a hablar español!

Facebook becomes stranger

Cycling around Nashua

#aycj trip

Android G1 extended battery

Cycling around Nashua, Part II

Free Google invoice download

Tuning your voice mail (cont.)


Облако Рай

What is a big deal about no-Google-Voice-number?

Show images in print mode with media="print" attribute

Google turn-by-turn navigation finally works on my G1!

Android is an operating system

New tyres and failed state inspection

Twitter new retweet feature has a tiny bug

PNG-8 Alpha Transparency

30,000 mile service (Level D)

My gaming PC hard at work

This site has moved from YUI grids to Blueprint

First Yokohama W4S test on snow


Drupal problem with HMTL5 support

Good-bye to iPhone 1.0

I am 21 days late to update

EPIC Engineering springs

Some upgrades

Cracked lug nut lock and its key

Out there startup services and how useful they could be

Memorial Day weekend

More changes for the STi

400 watt power inverter

Sandblasted BBS STi wheels

This site has moved from Blueprint CSS to 1kbgrid

Summer 2010 travels

Foursquare backdoor

SPT catback is on

AUX input mod

Snow tyres

Deja vu

Trying to save the money end up spending more

Tyres are finally installed

P2097 CEL code

CEL code is back on

Winter 2011 travel

Raybestos brakes

Back on summer tyres in the mid February

Excerpt from my car manual

Car locator DIY

New CEL code P0031

Resolution to "CHECK ENGINE"

Finally car gets pro-tuned

Funny craigslist low-ballers

Is iPhone 4 worth the hardships?

STi is now sold

Smart way to carfax

Notes from original owner of bigsparow


Rebalanced front tires

STi update

SPT cat back on GR chasis is different story than GD

Getting into travel mood

Attempt to diminish SPT catback noise part 1

Attempt to diminish SPT catback noise part 2

Foursquare backdoor closed

First autocross experience

Winter 2012 (2)


Money, money, money...

Navizon on iPhone

Breaking news: Adobe Photoshop Express (online and free)

Summer wheels are on

Why does pinkie smell so good?

MacBook Pro