First autocross experience


I have always been afraid of cones in autocross. Not really afraid to hit them or to scratch my car with them. It's navigating through the course that intimidated me. I always was intimidated watching my friends race, always concluding that I wouldn't be able to navigate through that mess, and that my priority would always be trying to find where to turn rather than to be competitive.

Getting ready to race

Well, last weekend I dared to try it myself. Contrary to all my fears, somehow I found my way around and was pushing, despite that I was thrown to be the second card of the day to start. I didn't even have time to set up my camera, that's how quickly everything went by.

As can be seen on time report below, I did very poorly, but I did find some time on the last lap. In short, I need to (1) slow down, (2) brake sooner, speed out of the corner due to a lot of understeering, (3) study track more before the race.

Time report

Overall, I was very happy I did it, and surely will do it again.