STi update


It's high time to give some STi update. Since I sold my black STi, I've had very many cars. I've actually bought '08 STi pretty quickly, but I ended up not registering it and having it sitting in the garage most of the summer, mostly because I spent much time in Boston where it's dangerous to park nice cars. Now it is registered and ready to be used daily.

So most of the summer I drove my friend's Legacy, then drove IS300 for a while, then jumped into Expedition as a daily driver. Few times, my new STi was almost sold but today I am actually happy that I was not. I really grew to love it since I registered a bit over a month ago.

I bought STi on autotrader from a guy in his 40s in NY. The car had everything tastefully modified as far as exterior goes. No engine mods. Only suspension and rear sway bar. Well, nice Enkei wheels though oversized for my liking, they're 19". Also he engineered his own mudflaps that do not stick out in an ugly fashion. Front lip and what seemed to be custom made rear spoiler lip. Car looks fantastic, I don't know what I'd change as far as exterior. Maybe just rims, I'd go back to 18" black BBS. That would be perfect.

STi creeping in garage

Today, I guess, is the first mod I did, apart from window tint — I installed front fog yellow overlays and rear reflectors tint overlays that I bought from jdmfanatic on ebay.