Smart way to carfax


Those shopping for a used car certainly heard of CARFAX. It is a great service, but it is expensive. At least to me, it is strange to see such plan that they offer. They give you only two options — 5 CARFAX Reports for $44.99 or 1 CARFAX Report for $34.99.

I suspect there might be a good reason behind such pricing, maybe not. But this is not a point here.

I discovered an innovative service that saves money to both, those who are are looking to save money as well as those who already wasted money on 5 reports! I used it myself and loved it. It is As advertised I waited only a couple of hours and got my fax as .PDF file. I did have an issue of PDF quality being bad on one page. Replied back asked for resend and got it within an hour. Couldn't be happier! Hope this is useful to someone else as well.