Is iPhone 4 worth the hardships?


Is iPhone 4 worth the hardships it brings with it to those who aren't willing to sign up for the contract? In other words, is it worth wasting time trying to unlock it? I didn't think so at first, that's why I got rid of it when I've had enough. Then, after a number of Android phones, I find myself back with iPhone. This time however hardships of having iPhone on foreign networks has become bigger.

Gevey SIM

I decided to go with the Gevey SIM unlocking solution. Nothing has worked as easy as it appears on numerous youtube tutorials, but somehow I managed it.

Well, a week or two later I had to reboot the phone and here I am again — need to activate it again. No matter what I did this time, I could not activate it. The only reason for that was because as soon as I hung up the phone, I got "NO SIM INSTALLED" error message, so I did not have a chance to go and toggle Airplane Mode. So off to google I went and stumbled upon one forum post. Digging deeper, I found what [Gevey SIM] fine print was missing: disable Data and 3G from Settings > General > Network . If you don't do this you will be forever stuck between the step of dialing 112 and toggling Airplane Mode.