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Hello and welcome to my homepage. My name is Vladislav Kulchitski (Владислав Кульчицкий, Vladyslav Kulchytskyy, Vlad, Vladik, Vladi, f1vlad, vladik.ua) and I currently live in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

This has started many years ago, in previous century, somewhere on Makedonitissas Ave. of Nicosia on a beautiful Cyprus+. After hours of waiting for my turn to use my college lab computer, hooked to the thing called the Internet, I, teamed up with other enthusiasts of their homepages, was engaged for hours at a time in a grand web construction. The result was an ugly addressed and later prettier addressed homepage. Although the hosting was annoying due to never ending pop-ups I still have many good memories of it. Then, my roommates got themselves a computer which I used as much as I was allowed to learn about web design. Few years later, I was recognized by my hometown local paper for building Bila Tserkva Linkpage, which at one time prospered in connecting immigrants from my town.

Currently, I work for ngycp.org slashdot.org sf.net/downloads, slashdot.org, SugarCRM.com. I love to work out, travel, watch TV, read, drive around while listening to podcasts, or eccentric collection of favourite music, and shop online. I hate to sit at home for too long¿.

You could connect to me:

  1. on twitter+ or facebook. Or you could hook up with me on myspace, although I don't use it much;
  2. otherwise you can keep up with me professionally on github or linkedin;
  3. the rest is aggregated in rss madness;
  4. and if that isn't enough, you could pick one of the following:
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    1001 odnoklassniki.ru/f1vlad social social
    02 odnoclassniki.km.ru social social
    03 connect.ua n/a
    504 vk.com/f1vlad social social
    05 friendfeed.com/f1vlad transport
    06 plaxo social social
    07 moi krug social social
    08 f1vlad.vkrugudruzei.ru social social
    759 wakoopa.com/f1vlad tracker
    010 professionali.ru professional
    011 moimir social social
    012 f1vlad.ya.ru social social
    2513 ohloh.net/accounts/f1vlad tracker
    2514 sf.net/users/f1vlad programming
    10015 flickr photo
    2516 tripit travel
    2517 flagatrip travel
    7518 lastfm music
    7519 swift.fm/f1vlad music
    10020 slashdot.org/~f1vlad news
    021 lookatme.ru/users/f1vlad news
    022 n/a
    2523 altergeo.ru/user/f1vlad travel
    10024 foursquare.com/f1vlad travel
    2525 gowalla.com/users/f1vlad travel
    026 favstar.fm/users/f1vlad n/a
    027 mash-app.com/users/f1vlad n/a
    028 cheloveche.ru/f1vlad n/a
    2529 mysubie.com/profile?id=914 n/a
    030 zenergo n/a
    031 getglue.com/f1vlad n/a
    032 about.me/f1vlad transport
    033 mybloglog transport
    2534 formspring.me/f1vlad n/a
    035 hunch.com/people/f1vlad/ n/a
    5036 f1vlad.promodj.ru music
    037 path.com/vlad-kulchitski photo
    5038 blip.fm/f1vlad music
    5039 twitpic.com/photos/f1vlad photo
    5040 yfrog.com/...f1vlad photo
    7541 linkedin.com/in/f1vlad professional
    5042 github.com/f1vlad programming
    043 myspace.com/f1vlad social social
    10044 twitter.com/f1vlad social social
    10045 facebook.com/f1vlad social social
    2546 digg.com/f1vlad news
    2547 reddit.com/user/f1vlad news
    2548 vimeo.com/user721710 video
    2548 f1vlad.habrahabr.ru news
    2549 stackoverflow.com/.../f1vlad programming
    050 orkut social social
    051 tripster.ru/f1vlad/ travel
    052 travelpod.com/members/f1vlad travel
    2553 pulse.yahoo social social
    054 getsatisfaction.com/people/f1vlad n/a
    2555 goodreads tracker
    10056 google.com/profiles/kulchitski social social
    10057 youtube.com/user/f1vlad video
    2558 ustream.tv/user/f1vlad video
    059 bambuser.com/channel/f1vlad video
    060 swipely.com/f1vlad n/a
    061 eightbit.me/f1vlad n/a
    062 ufosocial/.../f1vlad n/a
    2564 plancast.com/user/1626446 social social
    065 f1vlad.posterous.com/ n/a
    066 f1vlad.livejournal.com n/a
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    085perso.na/f1vladsocial social
    086 coderwall.com/f1vlad programming
    2587 codepen.io/f1vlad programming
    089yelpsocial social
    090https://branded.me/f1vladsocial social
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What else? If there is anything else you would like to know, let me google that for you. This is all for now, I will write some more later.

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