2008 Subaru WRX Hatch, codename sparow; purchased at Boardman Subaru on Aug 18, 2008.

Check my previous car — Subaru WRX TeaR.

I am 21 days late to update

A bit late to update. (21 days ago) I purchased Subaru WRX STi. Since then, I've been slowly removing and selling aftermarket/premium stuff that I got for m

First Yokohama W4S test on snow

Today I finally got a chance to take it for a spin on the snow on my all-season Yokohama W4S tyres. Overall, my confidence level has definitely dropped af

30,000 mile service (Level D)

Today, I finally got around to drop off my car for 30,000 miles, or so called Level D service. One of the reason I sped this process up was because I started to experience strange behaviors on fi

Getting new tyres

Since two of my Bridgestone tyres ended up being a junk, I figured it's time to buy new set of tyres instead of replacing Bridgestones, since they're expensive RE070. So I went to

Finally proper sway bar is on

After a couple of weeks of driving without rear sway bar, it's finally on: Now just need to make sure I don't have any

The car is officially stage 2

Difficult day today, started off by trying to put new sway bar at Zak's Auto Industries. Turned out I left some bushings at home, and COBB ones di

COBB bad rear sway bar update

Just got off the phone with COBB Tuning and have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised with customer support. They're sending me some revised hardware to fix

New parts on the way

New upgrades are going on the car soon, the following are leaving warehouse today:

Mods and add-ons

# Name Description Category Price
1 FM transmitter Griffin iTrip FM transmitter/Charger for iPhone
AV 15.00
2 Catback exhaust SPT catback exhaust Performance 500.00
3 Hatch spoiler '08 STi spec 96031FG010NN Exterior 220.00
4 Suspension kit COBB Tuning stage 2 suspension kit Suspension 690.00
5 Bumper cover 08WRX Premium with embedded diffuser Exterior 180.00
6 Tint SunTek High Performance Series 35%+15% Interior 260.00
7 Short-throw shifter COBB Tuning short-throw shifter Interior 130.00
8 17"x8" 5x100 rims Rota Torque Gunmetal Wheel/Tyre 300.00
9 Underspoiler Front bumper E2410FG000TI Exterior 206.00
10 Sideskirts OEM WRX 96051fg000/010NN Exterior 358.00
11 Summer tyres Bridgestone 225/45/17 Potenza RE070, used Wheel/Tyre 25.00
13 Roof rack Yakima OEM Impreza Exterior 100.00
14 Winter tyres 225/45/17 Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 BL Wheel/Tyre 310.00
15 Access Port v2 ECU 433.00
16 Carbon fiber shift knob -- Interior 33.00
17 22 mm rear sway bar Perrin Performance Suspension 180.00
18 Divorced catted downpipe Perrin Performance Exhaust 450.00
19 Tuner wheel lugnuts Designed to fit aftermarket rim Wheel/Tyre 30.00
20 All season tyres Yokohama W4S Wheel/Tyre 380.00
total: ----.00


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  • all prices are rounded;
  • if item was shipped, shipping cost was included in the price of the item.